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Its a wonderful indepth guide to most aspects of life after death research without delving into the philosophy of spirituality or providing an overall theory of the afterlife and its mechanics. As philosopher david chalmers coined it, the hard problem of consciousness is one of those concepts that is so central to our existence, its easy to overlook or avoid ituntil you cant. A new book promises incontrovertible proof of the afterlife. The book provides the evidence, and asks you, the reader, to draw the. I am a 45yearold female skeptic, and i do love reading about all things paranormal, even though i dont believe. One of the most enlightening discoveries i made in my investigation of life after death is to understand the difference between a spirit and a soul. Searching for evidence of the survival of the soul smith, suzy, smith, susy. Victor zammit is a retired lawyer now working as a fulltime writer and researcher on empirical evidence for the afterlife. I did not have the distinct understanding of true life after death after reading this book. The science of neardeath experiences largest nde study ever conducted reveals proof of life after death. An introduction to the evidence for the afterlife with links to just a few. Not knowing when god was going to show me, i went to sleep one night and an angel took me way way up to this transparent room, like the room was made out of crystal but, like a building. All of the varied evidence is presented in greater reality living and my book soul proof. Recommended reading the search for life after death.

Evidence of eternity introduces new and innovative terms and concepts explaining spirit communication based on science, theoretical physics, physiology, theology, and evidence. Heres a rare interview where worldrecognized medium james van praagh interviews me, bob olson, about my 15year investigation of the afterlife the topic of my book, answers about the afterlife. I first heard about neardeath experiences from the man who inspired the neardeath movement. She discovered overwhelming evidence that forever erased her own doubts of an afterlife for animals. Demi moore and patrick swayze in ghost paramount pictures you dont have a soul. There is no plausible biological explanation of nde, however memory as dimension predicts it perfectly. You can purchase a copy of the book from amazon us and amazon uk. Based on his groundbreaking research into the afterlife, this book is designed both for the firsttime venturers into the subject and for readers of dr. Return to a lawyer presents the case for the afterlife. Dsouzas new book promises proof of the afterlife newsweek. Survivalists believe that the hypothesis of personal survival provides the best explanation for the kind of evidence provided in my book. The afterlife also referred to as life after death is the belief that the essential part of an individuals identity or the stream of consciousness continues after the death of the physical body.

Alexanders book proof of heaven deserves to be a major international. The science of neardeath experiences by jeffrey long, m. Evidence of the afterlife by david sunfellow march 11, 2010 nhne nde network. In this nonfiction work, evidence of the afterlife, long presents one of the most.

There is no hypothesis for the afterlife the afterlife is a narrative theme from traditional fiction. In the beam of light you can see at least two bright energy sources or souls in my opinion that appear to be. Do our souls survive death, with our personalities intact, or is consciousness merely a fabrication of the brain. Great books on consciousness, death, and the afterlife goop. Newtons bestselling first volume, journey of souls. It is based on his research of over 1,300 ndes shared with. And ill share with you my own experiences with a few of them.

Journey of souls case studies of life between lives by michael newton ph. This book does a great job of laying out the evidence in a way that makes the reality of nde impossible to deny, and even does a good job of suggesting ot may well be what its experiencers believe. Ive ask god, to show me if, my boss when to hell because, i though he committed suicide. Science and the afterlife experience book by chris. One of the most sensational books on evidence for the survival of the human soul after death was the 2002 bestseller the afterlife experiments. Answers about the afterlife, is just that, a book that will assure readers, not only of the safety and well being of their loved ones who have passed, but also of the great news and comfort about their own afterlife survival. Long and his wife, jody, began the near death experience research foundation with the goal of creating a forum for. Great books on consciousness, death, and the afterlife. Wrong, the author argues that the afterlife exists. A neurosurgeons journey into the afterlife eben alexander m. The following article is an excerpt chapter 2 in its entirety from the bestselling book evidence of an afterlife, by jeffrey long m. It describes ten differenct types of evidence that the afterlife is real and that our consciousness and our souls survive death. There is currently more scientific evidence to the reality of near death experience nde than there is for how to effectively treat certain forms of cancer, states radiation oncologist dr. Through their work at the near death experience research foundation, radiation oncologist jeffrey long and his wife, jody, have gathered thousands of accounts of neardeath experiences ndes from all over the world.

The book of enoch, written hundreds of years before the birth of jesus, tells. Dave kane, author of 41 signs of hope bob olsons new book, answers about the afterlife, is an excellent read. I felt the author spend most of the time discussing near death experiences and the similarity between various accounts. In his book, long details nine lines of evidence that he says send a consistent message of an afterlife. Schwartz as described in his book the afterlife experiments, dr.

For as long as humans have had consciousness there has been the awareness of pain, suffering and death. Evidence for the survival of animals after death scott s. Jeffrey long is his groundbreaking new book evidence of the afterlife. Hamilton, md, facs, author of the scalpel and the soul and zen mind, zen horse. For example, suppose we had only two lines of nde evidence.

Scientific evidence that bodily death is not the end of. In his bestselling book evidence of the afterlife, dr. Evidence of eternity audiobook by mark anthony the. The real science that debunks superstitious charlatans. This understanding is of vital importance if one wants to fully understand the afterlife, reincarnation, pastlife regressions, and our relationship with our higher self. God and the soul are real and that death is not the end of personal existence but only a transition. This book is the result of a ten year investigation by physicist dr. The religions of the world, past and present, have a varying set of beliefs concerning death, the soul and the afterlife. Breakthrough scientific evidence of life after death by gary e. Kims awardwinning book provides reassurance to anyone who has ever loved and lost an animal. I love your book, especially its spiritual context. Why scientist claimed soul does live on after death a scientist claimed life after death may be possible, after tests showed the. The final proof was that other therapists too do the same thing, and they. The 5 best experiences for afterlife evidence in todays episode, well be discussing the 5 best experiences for afterlife evidence.

All about bob olsons book answers about the afterlife. This book contains soulaltering evidence of the afterlife. Schwartz conducted numerous studies to investigate the validity of mediums. Jeffrey long showed us that there is a strong scientific case for life after death. Case studies of life between lives by michael newton. Afterlife evidence december 12, 2019 if an animal, and i do not like the word owner because no one owns another soul, and the one whom it has served are in the world of spirit together, then the home of the animal is the home of the individual who has always loved it. The 5 best experiences for afterlife evidence youtube. From karma and reincarnation to embracing the inner light, evidence of eternity is a cuttingedge perspective of life after death. At the near death experience research foundation, dr. Afterlife sciences presented by victor and wendy zammit new book. Discover the best books about life after death, including classic. Long studied the stories of thousands of people who have journeyed to the afterlife.

I have no objective evidence that this is the case but i do believe this is what happens. It is never described in any systematic way with any. Discover the best books on neardeath experiences, including fiction and nonfiction titles. What you will read in journey of souls will shake your preconceptions about death. However, the two questionssoul and afterlifemight be separated.

Discover the evidence i found and the conclusions i drew based on my experience with mediums, spirit artists, pastlife regressions, life. Pdf evidence of the afterlife download full pdf book. If there is no working hypothesis you are simply collecting a mixed bag of data that has no purpose. Theory of afterlife predicts the mind becomes god at the end of life. Souls leaving the body the most compelling evidence of the afterlife to date. Evidence of eternity is an uplifting journey that removes the fear and superstition surrounding spirit contact while addressing poignant questions about the afterlife. Now, he goes further, revealing evidence that god is real. According to various ideas about the afterlife, the essential aspect of the individual that lives on after death may be some partial element, or the entire soul or spirit, of an individual, which. Based on his groundbreaking research into the afterlife, this book is designed both for firsttime venturers into the subject and for readers of dr. His book, a lawyer presents the evidence for an afterlife, has been read by thousands of people from around the world. All human cultures have evidence of speculation on what occurs after death. If author mary roach was a college professor, shed have a zero dropout rate.

An overview of good, easytounderstand books from a wealth of experts. Being a philosophy student, i always turn to logic and evidence and dismiss subjective experiences. Thats because when roach tackles a subjectlike the posthumous human body in her. One of the reasons i am such a nonbeliever is that i was raised by my very logical father, who taught me from the time i was a child that there was no such thing as ghosts, psychics, life after death, or any. Long documents a study he conducted the largest scientific study of ndes ever. Jeffery long with paul perry in this great book the author, jeffery long, lays out 9 lines of evidence that there is life after death.

We may not be 100 percent convinced that these two lines of evidence prove an afterlife, but perhaps each line of evidence by itself is. What did you like best about evidence of the afterlife. The evidence you collect, either supports or falsifies that working hypothesis. I though that this book would explain why people all over the world believe that afterlife exists and that the book would describe the science behind neardeath experiences. In destiny of souls, 67 people just like you recall their life between lives through dr.

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