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Here youll find a modest collection of datasheets for some popular tubes. Push pull classic tube type output transformer suggested tube types cat. At the bottom of this page youll find some links to other tube datasheet sites in case you cant find what youre looking for here. Svetlana sv6l6gc high performance audio beam power. Most of the datasheets are in pdf format and some are links to other html pages. Output power amp valves of the 6l6 type which includes. It worked with the supplied 6l6gc but it redplated a nos tungsol 6v6gt and every el34 i tried was arcing like crazy.

They sent along a ruby el34b and a nos 6v6gt to use in it but the tone was never good and it still sputtered and flashed with any other el34 i had. Jj electronic vacuum tubes, capacitors, amplifiers. One of the more interesting tubes are tad 6l6gcstr rca and tad 6l6gcstr clear top. The 6l6gcstr has ruggedized construction making it especially suitable for use in musical instrument amplifiers. The jj electronic 6l6gc is the classic pentode built with the rugged construction that only jj could deliver. Close manufacturing specification tolerances and improv ed processing provide improved reliability and superior sonic performance. The ruby 6l6gcmstr is a really good power tube and one i am currently using in my fenderinspired build. If one of the premium ruby tubes fails during the 6month warranty period, they will replace it at no charge. At the time philips had already developed and patented power pentode designs, which were rapidly replacing power triodes due to their greater efficiency. Tubes free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Vacuum tubes for amps pre and power tubes tubes for amps. We aquired over 200 pcs in bulk trays of 50 pcs, so we have plenty to match from so you dont get any tighter matching than this,,all pairs between 12 ma apart.

All ruby output tubes are labeled on the base with the exact matching measurements for plate current and transconductance. The purpose of this comparison is simply to provide guitar players with a frame of reference to help in finding the best current production 6l6gc for their needs. Warranty information and return policy warranty period. Thanks to its robust construction it is very reliable. Rubys 6l6gc is a standard vacuum tube that ive got experience using for electric guitar amps. Octal u f 6,3 v i f c a0,9 a typical characteristic. Known for their reliability and articulation, the jj 6l6gc is a great option guitar amplifiers and hifi stereo. El34 world tube amp building information the el34 world tube amp library of information click the link above for tube amp info, tube amp schematics, tube amplifier circuit board building information, tube projects, amp mods, tube amp transformer diagrams, photos, sound clips.

Direct heating cathode, medium power consumption triode is used for class a amplification. Audio watts primary impedance tube types, 1650f 25 7,600 ct 6l6gc, 6v6, 807, 5881, el34 1645 30. The svetlana 6l6gc is a glass envelope beampower tetrode intended for highpower audio amplifier service. Gec, alldatasheet, datasheet, datasheet search site for electronic components and semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors. I have a large collection of nos power tubes that i could have used, including rca blackplate, ge, sylvania, and even some str415s, but the rubys are so good that i never felt the need to try anything else. The highs are clear and responsive with warm mids and tight solid lows.

Shuguang beijing vacuum tube datasheet analog metric limited. The output stage uses one 6l6 tube configured as class a amplifier with singleend output. The all new 6l6gc tube is designed to work in the most demanding applications. Any exceptions will be noted on that tubes warranty tab.

We design and manufacture our tubes, engineered for demanding high fidelity, reliability and overall warmth. Each tube in this comparison was installed in the same custombuilt, fixedbias singleended guitar amplifier in order to obtain the voltage gain measurements. I dont know if its substandard ingredients or bad manufacturing or what but new tubes are a real crap shoot. If your amplifier calls for this tube, you probably cannot use some of the earlier 6l6 tubes as they are not rated this high. Today, the 6l6gc is one of the most common power tubes used for electric guitar amplification and there is an almost overwhelming supply of current production options to choose from. All these links open in a new browser window so that you can return quickly to this page without having to reload. Recently a brand new ruby 6l6gc for no obvious reason red plated and the flash went white. Most of these datasheets are in english except where noted otherwise. It is dedicated to be used in audio frequency range which requires the output power 100w. I am currently using ruby 6l6gc strs in it and they work just fine. Beam pentode for af power amplifier applications, 6l6gc datasheet, 6l6gc circuit, 6l6gc data sheet. There are hundreds of pages of tube amp information on my library page. Push pull audiophile tube output 1600 series continued. All tubes new, military equipment and have otk mark.

Gec beam pentode for af power amplifier applications,alldatasheet, datasheet, datasheet search site for electronic components and semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors. Use it to replace all other 6l6 and 5881 tube types. Ive seen mostly positive feedback on both from the research ive done. I have a 78 fender studio bass amp which takes a sextet of 6l6gc power tubes. Tad 6v6gtstr produktbild high performance audio beam.

I bought these 6l6gc high gain put them in my bugera 6260 pulled the 2 outer tubes to lower the wattage and this tube on clean sounds acdc like tone clean and punchy love on gain channel sounds just as good as the ruby hg el34s but the clean is where i notice the acdc type sound love it way better than the stock bugera tubes night and day. Output pendode el34 is an octal power tube with a maximum plate power of 25w. Revenge of the fallen and i was inspired to build an enclosure for a vacuum tube amplifier that incorporated the decepticon logo. Svetlana sv6l6gc high performance audio beam power tetrode he svetlana sv6l6gc is a glass envelope beampower tetrode intended for highpower audio amplifier service. Electroharmonix 6l6gc datasheet pdf download adobe acrobat pdf reader. Burned in for 48 hours at full plate voltages, these are the creme of the crop. The 6l6gcstr is a beampower tetrode primarily designed for use in audiofrequency power amplifier applications. This version has a 30 watt plate dissipation, 500v plate rating and 450v 5watt screen rating. Be sure to insist on genuine tungsol vacuum tubes the next time you retube youll be getting the absolute best possible tubes for any demanding.

Close manufacturing specification tolerances and improved processing provide improved reliability and superior sonic performance. Single tube pushpull ua 250 270 v ug2 250 270 v ug1 14 17,5 v ia 72 4 ma ig2 5 11 ma ra 22,5. The input stage uses 12ax7 which is configured as sprr. Buy ruby 6l6gc str selected vacum tube, matched pair. This tube was originally intended to be produced here. All our tubes are guaranteed for 3 months from the date of purchase. Vacuum tube 6l6gcmstr, ruby tubes antique electronic. Object of the test to evaluate the sound quality and reliability of the new batch of 6l6gc types in both modern and vintage amplifiers and compare against the best new old. Tube depot carries a selection of 12ax7 ecc83 7025 cv4004 pre amp vacuum tubes. We are adding back in kt88z, 6ca7z el34, 300bz, cv181z exact replacement of 6sn7 and the most recently 6sl7z exact replacement of 6n9p models of shuguang treasure black bottle tubes with our newly formed quality control collaboration with shuguang tube factory. The tube is manufactured by the reflektor, saratov, russia. They are packed with lots of punch and a sweet sweet tone, very musical.

This svetlana 6l6gc tube is manufactured at the new sensor corp. Class a1 singl tube pushpull u a 250 v 270 v u g2 250 v 270 v u g1 14 v 17,5 v i a 72 ma 4 ma i g2 5 ma 11 ma r a 22,5 k. Groove tubes gt6l6ge pentode this is our flagship gt tube, the one we spent nearly 4 years developing from scratch after purchasing the original general electric design, the original rca grid winding machines that made this tube, and tons of the original materials. Please see the substitutes at the top of the page for more details. Page 1 technical data produktbild characteristics electrical heater.

This makes ruby 6l6gcmstr one of the most rigorously tested 6l6gc anywhere. I sent the amp in for service and they found nothing wrong at all. The svetlana 6l6gc is manufactured in the svetlana fact ory in st. Kt88 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. I was hoping someone with experience with eitherboth of these tubes could give me some feedback into which they prefer, differences in tone and output, breakup character, etc. If the page is blank click here rca 6l6gc datasheet. View and download ruby tech es2310c specifications online. The beam tetrode design of the 6l6 allowed rca to circumvent philips pentode patent.

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