Russian avant-garde books 1917-34

The term covers many separate, but inextricably related, art movements that flourished at the time. Hence, while soviet book illustration was privileged, design remained a foreign word within soviet publishing until perestroika. Connaissance des arts grands travaux english edition special issue of connaissance des arts 004487. Project description im ultimately creating a book that cant exist onlinei think thats the bar that the internet is driving towards. Russian avantgarde books 1917 34 hardcover october 16, 1992 by susan compton author see all 8 formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Russian avantgarde books, 1917 34 1st edition by susan p. The new years resolution i made to myself was to reign in my obsession and be much more selective as to what books i bring into the house. It does have many illustrations but few are in c olor mostly they are sooty textbook quality black and white. A critical survey of the literature granary books 1998 general bland, d. Russian avantgarde books 191734 by susan compton etsy.

Constructivism and futurism in russia and other, new york, 1977, p. I also found russian avantgarde books 1917 34 by susan compton published by the british library in 1992. The stalinkaganovich correspondence, 1936 annals of communism by l. Historians of russian and soviet art museum studies abroad. It was my design not to furnish an arid narrative of books or of authors, but following the steps of the human mind through the wide track of time, to trace from their beginnings the rise, the progress, and the decline of public opinions, and to illustrate, as the. Scholarly and lucid surveys of a complex period in the history of contemporary art. Both books explore the neglected artistic aspects of russian book production during the first third of the twentieth century.

Uvadare digital academic repository writing and the. Featuring some 300 books, this is the most comprehensive exhibition ever devoted exclusively to the illustrated books made during this enormously creative period. Connors, joseph the robie house of frank lloyd wright. New art for a new era malevichs vision of the russian avant garde from the collection of the state russian musem st petersburg barbican, london 30 april 27 june 1999 petrova, evgenia and irina karasik, v a gusev texts kazimir malevich, mikhail larionov, natalia goncharova, marc chagall, alexander rodchenko et al artists shown. Bibliophiles hooked on technicolor may have to settle for riva castlemans a century of artists books for fourcolor peeks at livres des artistes, susan comptons the world backwards.

Helen deighton pbfa sturminster newton, united kingdom seller rating. Prompted by an extraordinary gift to moma of more than 1,000 russian avantgarde illustrated books from the judith rothschild foundation, new york, the exhibition represents all the significant. Russian avantgarde books, 191734 by compton, susan. Peter hellyer, a catalogue of russian avantgarde books 19121934 and 19692003, london. Author see all 8 formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Russian avantgarde books made between 1910 and 1934 reflect a vivid and tumultuous period in that nations history that had ramifications for art, society, and politics. Fra carnevale and the making of a renaissance master. Russian avantgarde books, 1917 34 hardcover january 1, 1993 by susan compton.

David bourget western ontario david chalmers anu, nyu area editors. List of books stored in the isbn of which begins with the publisherspecific prefix 9780262. The soviet hardback revolution contributed to the establishment of a literaturecentered hierarchy of the arts that subjugated the image to the literary work. He has written countless books and monographs the russian avantgarde, russian stage design in the years 19001930, the memoirs of benedikt livshits, and sergei diaghilev. The avantgarde frontier russia ifeets the west, 19101930 gail harrison roman and virginia hagelstein marquardt, eds. Search for library items search for lists search for contacts search for a library. Now in its sixth year, the modernism and eclecticism symposium organised by steven collaborating over the wire. Russian travel, history, geography of russia, russian language, books store. Susan compton russian avantgarde books, 1917 34 190750. Metamorphoses by alexander kuznetsov, czechoslovak armored cars in the first world war and russian civi. The mit press books from this publisher isbns begin. Russian avantgarde books, 1917 34 usually ships in 24 hours susan compton hardcover published 1993 our price.

The early books, with their variously sized pages of coarse paper, illustrations entwined with printed, handwritten, and stamped texts, and provocative covers, were intended. Russian futurist books 1912 1916 1978 and russian avantgarde books 1917 34 1993, or infrequent issues of print, smithsonian, and other glossy art. Most of the material shown is in the british librarys collection. The socialist objects of russian constructivism tryokhgornoye and khamovnicheskoe beer poster 1923. Russian avantgarde books, 1917 34 by susan compton russian avantgarde books, 1917 34 by susan compton p. Helen deighton pbfa abebooks abebooks shop for books. Books printed by giovanni mardersteig on the hand press, 19231977. Forty years after its original publication, vladimir markovs russian futurism. Selected bibliography primary references for russian. Russian avantgarde books, 191734 hardcover january 1, 1993 by susan compton.

The russian avantgarde was a large, influential wave of avantgarde modern art that flourished in the russian empire and the soviet union, approximately from 1890 to 1930although some have placed its beginning as early as 1850 and its end as late as 1960. Russian avantgarde books, 1917 34 is a sequel to comptons earlier the world backwards. Modems have been around for years, but a number of recent developments. Russian avantgarde books 191734 by susan compton goodreads. They were created for mass consumption, meant to mimic other forms of political leaflets, paperback books, or popular culture magazines of the time.

Shop the latest titles by richard f moorton at alibris including hardcovers, paperbacks, 1st editions, and audiobooks from thousands of sellers worldwide. Addressing the pre as well as the postrevolutionary eras, momas exhibition evoked the unbridled optimism, cooperative and competitive spirit, dazzling invention and looming. The futurists produced books in editions of a few hundred, but a later generation of russian avantgarde bookmakers produced books in larger editions of a few thousand. Russian avantgarde books 1917 34 by compton, susan and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

Johnson, robert flynn artists books in the modern era, 18702000. Susan compton, russian avantgarde books, 1917 34, london. Wellthat lasted less than a month and i place the blame entirely on the shoulders of the icp library sale this past weekend. Compton hardcover, 192 pages, published 1992 by the british library publishing division illustrated isbn. Compton, susan russian avantgarde books, 1917 34 004460. A survey of books by 20th century artists and writters. They include the cover of kirsanov is called upon to speak 1930, designed by solomon telingater. Russian avantgarde books 1917 34 mit press, 1992 courtney, c. There are few movements in the history of art which boasted such vitality and such a tragic ending, susan compton wrote in russian avantgarde books, 1917 34 1993. Illustrated throughout with examples from the british li. For anyone interested in the history of the book, russian avantgarde books 1917 34 by historys role in the studio.

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